Flow Control Valve    

Model Number Ports Application Hydraulic Symbol
Needle Valve
CVN1 1/4"-18NPTF Controls cylinder speed and acts as temporary shut-off valve for load holding.
CVN3 3/8"-18NPTF
Check Valve
CVC3 3/8"-18NPTF Allows flow in one direction only.
Pilot Operated Check Valve
CVP3 3/8"-18NPTF Pilot operated Check Valve
Pressure Relief Valve
CVR3 3/8"-18NPTF Controls pressure developed by the pump in hydraulic loop. By-pass occurs when pre-set pressure is reached. Turn clockwise to increase pressure — counter clockwise to decrease.
CVR3/H 3/8"-18NPTF Same as CVR3, but return line hose / 1 meter length is included