About us

X Torc Ltd. trade mark X-Torc – engineering and manufacturing company, specializing in providing comprehensive services, projects. X-Torc develops and implements modern, innovative tools and equipment required for industry and industrial facilities construction, centralized repair, inspection, scheduled maintenance, reconstruction and modernization in the following sectors: 
Fuel and energy complex:
- mining, transport and refining of oil;
- extraction, transport and the distribution of gas;
- coal industry;
- power generation, production of heat and electricity.
Chemical industry
Ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy
Mechanical engineering and metal working
Production of building materials
Construction of buildings and structures
Pulp and paper industry


  1. ENGINEERING – own engineering and design office in Vilnius, Lithuania;
  2. PRODUCTION – Own manufacturing facility in Lithuania also manufacturing facilities in Germany, Netherlands, USA and Taiwan.
  3. Maintenance service, supply, installation supervision, installation, service warranty and post-warranty service.

Technical offices – Vilnius (Lithuania).
Sales offices - Vilnius (Lithuania).